Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Broke.

Second day of spring break seems to be picking up pace, if only the sun would come out...
Working at Planet Sub is probably the second most fun job I've ever had, first being summer camp teacher. Today was pretty fun, because none of the new people were doing the "fast" jobs. I think we should get a speaker system to call out cards because some people are just ignorant to the fact that they are expecting to hear their card called, but don't PAY ATTENTION! Get off your damn iphone and listen for a minute. Other than that I'm ready for the new store to open and HOPEFULLY go with everyone else. The new Planet sub will be opening in Mission Kansas on Johnson Drive Near Shawnee Mission North High and was the old location of To-Tos Coffee. WooHOO!

Puppy Play time now for Penny and Keni. :)

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